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  • Brand new 1st Campaign armor sets and accessories
  • Many of the accessories are based upon the currently BG-disabled RoK PvP accessories. Those adornments have had their effects adjusted and will be re-enabled for battlegrounds!
  • Each armor piece will have a pvp-only Blue adornment slot!
  • As such, we'll all be introducing 20+ new Blue adornments!
  • Battlegrounds at levels 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 are being activated!
  • Battleground armor sets and accessories will be on sale at each of those tiers
  • Brand new open-pvp server battles for control of Antonica and Commonlands!
  • Additionally, we've internally removed the ~15% damage reduction applied to all spells in pvp combat. I'd like to once again ask for y'all to copy over to test-copy and give us feedback on the change.

Listed in BG forums by Timetravelling (Saves clicking on Olihin's link to reference it

I wish SoE had been this interested in PvP from the day they opened the servers. But all the open PvP changes do sound like a very good start on bringing Nagafen back to life.

Will the new BG armors be able to be aquired in open PvP as well. Will the old BG/open PvP armor have the blue slots?

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