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Here is a consolidated list of changes coming in GU56.  I have a separate post for the Warfields, so I did not include them here. 

PvP General·  When inspecting spells and abilities on PvE servers the PvP checkbox will default to unchecked.·  The PvP checkbox will only appear on an item if the PvP description differs from the PvE description.·  Moved PvP Crit Mit from its own line in the persona window to part of the tooltip for toughness.·  Increased spell-damage in PvP Combat by ~15% for all classes.·  New Stat: PvP Critical Mitigation.

  • This is critical mitigation that works only on attacks made on a player from a player.
  • Toughness provides a bonus to PvP Critical Mitigation.

·  Starting at level 30 players can go to 100% AAXP on a PvP server and have no limits on how many AA points they can spend (it used to be 1.5 * level).·  Disabling combat experience on a PvP server also disables experience gain from killing players.·  The tooltips on mitigations (physical, elemental, arcane and noxious) now includes the amount mitigated from PvP damage as well. Note: players get a slight bonus to mitigations against PvP damage and this percent includes that bonus.·  You can no longer /yell to prevent would be attackers from getting pvp credit for your death.PvP Items·  The following item effects can no longer critically hit:

  • Grave Elemental’s Affliction and its upgrades
  • Burning Affliction and its upgrades
  • Magical Affliction and its upgrades

·  Rune of Absolution now dispels all types of detrimental effects and is 5 charges.·  Pumice Stone now dispels all types of beneficial effects.·  Torrent and Pestilential Rain no longer have an unlimited range.·  Stonewill can only trigger once every 20 seconds when in PVP Combat.·  Divine Guidance now has a shorter duration rather than less triggers in PVP Combat.·  Stonewill now has reduced amounts rather than a reuse time in PVP Combat.·  Combat Expertise on the Grand Admiral’s Chain now includes “Greater” in name to distinguish it from the Admiral’s Chain proc.·  Massive Concussive Shock no longer has an unlimited range in PvP.PvP Spells and Abilities·  Assassin: Shadow Step has had its damage reduced in PVP Combat.·  Berserker: Battle Frenzy now has 10 triggers when used in PVP Combat.·  Cleric: Divine Guidance now only has 10 triggers per person in PVP Combat.·  Guardian: Improved Moderation’s PvP effect will now work and cause players you attack to target you from time to time and players attacking your groupmates to lose target from time to time.·  Guardian: Improved Moderation buff now works in PvP on groupmates.·  Flat amount damage reduction from abilities like “Battle Hardening” will only reduce a PvP attacks damage by no more than 50% and will no longer be able to reduce PvP attack damage to zero. However, this still stacks with abilities such as “Last Man Standing” so it is still possible to “fail to inflict damage” but it should not happen nearly as often.PvP Writs·  Writs have been updated to be equally rewarding across all levels.·  All writs now require 6 kills and grant 5 tokens.   PvP Merchants·  Scions of War carrying new wares are now available in all starting cities.·  All previous faction merchants have been removed and all their wares have been moved to the Scion of War marked, Discord Vintage Wares.·  Prices have been modified to allow a reachable progression in gear acquisition through each level. ·  Other then some potions, all items are Heirloom.PvP Tokens·  A single token exchange purse has been added to the Priest of Discord for Faydark, Kunark, Void and Odus tokens.·  All pre-GU53 tokens now convert to the new Discord token and you can exchange one token at a time as well. ·  A single currency will be used from now on, the Discord Token.·  All other currency can be exchanged using the Priest of Discord.·  Currency exchange rate is 1:1 and can be exchange 5 or 100 at a time. ·  The new token is heirloom and replaces the old Shattered Lands Discord token.  As such, there are no exchange bags for this tokens.PvP Potions·  Tear of Discord now provides 3 Accuracy.·  Essence of Discord now provides 3 Critical Bonus. PvP Mounts·  Disk of Chaotic Energy is now 70 speed.·  Discord's Prescient Disk is now 70 speed.·  Discord’s Enduring Disk is now 70 speed.

Happy Hunting!




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