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I dont favour anything which allows players to effectively hide who they are in a way that differentiates them from most others.

Level locking at least has a justification, but its COST is the fact it hides real strength from other players. This change regards that "lie" as a benefit, whereas to me its all cost.

I would envisage its primary use in practice (I am not doubting the OPs good intention) being in letting the player pretend to be somewhat noobish, while being in fact of a high standard. Boomz and Bangz wandering around without titles? I dont like that idea at all. They ARE tough killers with a huge reputation, why should they not be evidently that? Whats the bad side?

I dont see it reducing the problems with PVP at all, because the sort of players who would use it honestly arent the sort who play unfairly anyway.

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