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sipharalt wrote:

Please forgive my alt account for this reply but i have been around here since day 1 SMILEY and understand how this PvP stuff works..

I also know Ohnoez etc about getting overseer (ex-venekor player, i'm ex-T7 venekor myself) title blah blah and wanting some recognition for his accomplishments. Great, grats/golf-clap.. However, having no title would not make you any less of a ganker/skilled killer would it?

People know who the good players are by reputation, not by their stupid title.

So why do you and others give other people who seemjust to want to improve pvp quality a hard time? and telling them to L2P?

(I'm directing this at Ohnoez, i have seen you play and although you are good at getting fame, you are a ganker, you do hang in groups, you do sit at WW cloud stations on the cliff snipering people with other duo rangers etc, you play the system to get a high title in all/any way you can.. i also know for a fact you are an expert runner, maybe you are in the olympics as well? Your title is just an extention and affirmation of your running skillz, ability to play the system.. which by the way .. you are by no means humble about...)

I find this quite funny, thanks anyways for the mention!  Always nice to see, who is your main btw since this is an alt account?

U dont know me because what u said here is hardly how Ive played.  I solo 85% or more of the time.  Only time Ive ever grped up is in Exile aka Vigilante now, and thats usualy because Im runnin to an instance with my grp.  Last 2 months I can count on 1 hand how many times Ive went out to pvp with anyone else.

Also the WW cloud area, only noobs die more then once there from a Ranger up top.  They learn, and figure out how to counter it.

Anyways... I really stand in the middle on the whole title thing.  Just see Pros and Cons from both sides, not just 1 like most everyone here is being.  Id say test it on the pvp test server, but we all know what a joke that is.

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