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Gromann wrote:
The idea sounds good, the only problem is that you are taking away the incentive for some people to pvp.  Lets fact it, there are a large number of active pvpers that only do it for titles.  With this proposal you run the risk of creating a gap between high titles and no titles and it could get nasty if any of the no titles decide they want to turn fame back on and don't really have anyone to gain it from once they pass slayer.
I'm trying to weed out those who "only do it for titles", or at least convince them (through proof of concept in game) that locking fame is the way to go.  People who only do it for titles are exactly the kind of people who creates the problems with PvP in EQ2 that I'm referring to.  You can assume that everyone would either be untitled or Champion+, but it wouldn't break down quite like that because fame loss/gain is a zero-sum game.  You lose exactly as much as the other group gains off you.  Therefore, once the gap is created between the locked players and the ones who choose to keep fame turned on, you have a relatively isolated pool of fame points being distributed between the titled people.  The only way to get more is for fame to trickle up the ladder just like it does now, except there would be a lot smaller pool of people to take it from.  My suggestion would most commonly lead to the follow matchups: Untitled vs Untitled: Great.  No issues here. Untitled vs High Title:  Still great.  No one has a reason to run to protect anything. High Title vs High Title:  Still fine, as far as I'm concerned.  Run if you want.  I'm obviously not involved here and if the fame wranglers want to tiptoe around eachother all day in game, it doesn't affect me,
IMO, the better route to go, would be just to set it so that once a title is earned you cannot lose it.  Base titles on max kills, and add new ones once so many people get to the max title or something.  People have no reason to run away from a fight, because the only thing they have to lose is a kill streak, or the coin they accidentally brought with them.  Any pvp reward system that penalizes you severely for dying does not promote pvp, it only gives incentive for people to run away.  
If you base titles off of total kills, then you bring other unsavory aspects into the game.  Just think how bad the zerg rushing would be, for one. The best, and really only, way to prevent people from acting like '[Removed for Content] in PvP is to remove the artificial rewards (titles) which act as a carrot on a stick for (unfortunately) so many people.  Do I dislike the idea of titles in general?  Nope.  I think it's actually kind of cool to have the "Dreadnaught" or "Destroyer" (the two coolest sounding ones imho) in front of my name.  However, the detriment that they bring to the PvP gameplay dynamic, in their current state, isn't worth having a cool little word in front of your name. I want out of this downward spiral, SoE.  I want the option to play without titles.
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