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EQ2Playa432 wrote:
Zoning during pvp combat is not allowed in the next game update.

Well might very well be, but again, I this is another example where SOE didnt think their idea through. When this is implemented expect for there to be large amounts of ganking going on.

Go ahead and prepare for this cenario.

You are out and about and happen to be near a zone line. You see a single target so you think to yourself, this is going to be a good fight. Much to your surprise after you engage the one target, his group unstealths or runs out from behind cover and wipes you because you cant zone.

Now since you couldnt flee, you have given fame to a single target and his buddies that were hiding, instead of just the single target for fleeing.

Get ready for groups to exploit this by having a lower buddy be ungrouped running in front of them.

Editted to give SOE a little note. If you read this and would like more ways to improve your game hit me up. Looks like you need some new brain storming going on over there. (Not trying to sound arrogant :p )

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