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Ok I dont think you thought this one through yourselves. If this system is implemented it will be exploited to the fullest, and very easily I might add. Just think about it for a minute.

I have a better solution that I have petitioned SOE to do in other posts.

There is a simple solution that already has the mechanics set in place in the game.


1) Zoning- The mechanic is already in game that notifies when someone has dishonorably fled. Just tack on some fame loss for this. This little thing would change PVP dramatically.

2) Groups and Raids- If a group or raid attacks a single target or smaller raid then there is no fame from that  target. This would promote more single player pvp and prevent guilds from raiding on single targets and groups. The game mechanic is already in place for pve raids and would just need a little tweaking.

3) Running- Add an fame/infamy loss for people who run from a fight after engaged in combat. This would help the plate wearers in pvp. This game mechanic might be a little hard to set into place, but shouldnt be that difficult to determine who the one that ran is.  The mechanic is somewhat in place, the same mechanic that takes you out of combat.

These three little improvements would increase the pvp experience dramatically. If you take away titles altogether it will cause the majority of pvpers to leave the game. So we expound on what they love to do. Put a little challenge to titles. Then we will really know who the real champions are.

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