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[email protected] wrote:
so want to be untitled and not be able to gain fame....but still lose i missing something here or are you a noob?
you didn't really think my proposal through, did you? lets try it as a thought experiment, i'll walk you through the steps: -SoE implements the two commands as i have presented them -i /strip and /lock my fame.  many other players follow suit.  some people (maybe even a majority, at first) will choose to keep their titles. -now, I am untitled. -at T7 (or anything above T3 really), who else is untitled? bots, and everyone else who /locked their fame. -do i care if bots get fame for killing me?  not really.  i don't seek out bots on purpose, they aren't good PvP.  in case you missed it, I'm seeking quality PvP in this game. -do i care if the other /locked players kill me?  no.  they don't get fame.  they aren't hunting me for that, obviously. i'm most definitely not a noob, and I'd ask you to please at least try to imagine this situation in action before you reply to a thread where I'm seeking honest, well-thought out opinions to improve this game.
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