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ok, so the other thread where i brought this up got locked because people don't know what "on topic" or "no personal attacks" really means... and i won't rehash all of that stuff here, but you can (and i recommend to) reference it for some background on how i really feel about the fame system and the lengths i have to go to to support my stance on it at the moment... parts of it are good reading at least my question here is this:  if SoE implemented the following commands, would you be in favor or against? /stripfame: takes you back to 0 fame/infamy/notoriety /lockfame: you cannot gain fame, however fame can still be gained off you.  can ONLY be used when at 0 fame (i.e. after a /stripfame or prior to hitting level 10).  once your fame is /locked at 0, you have a seven day wait until you can unlock it again, similar to changing surnames, so people don't screw around with it without thinking about it first. this would be the ENTIRE set of commands required to fix so much of the nastiness and subpar PvP experience that this game has developed into.  so many of us yearn for the abiity to go out and solo/duo/group hunt without supporting the immature and (gonna be honest here) pathetic fame wh0ring that goes on.  people don't relentlessly chase you across 3 zones because you "might be a token" for them... they WILL do that though if you're a juicy General/Master (or whatever) fame hit for their precious fame meter. how much better would this be if you could take a guild group of /famelocked players, solid PvPers, out into the wild and go hunt for real?  that means: without 75% of the groups you meet running from you or evaccing to protect their fame.  good 6v6 PvP battles that lasted 3-5 minutes.  awesome 3v3 or 4v4 (or 3v5, etc) battles.  fun 1v1 matchups that would never have happened before if the titles were there to protect. as it stands right now i'd rather go play a FPS, because "PvP" in EQ2 is not about who's the best at playing their character, it's about who's the best at running away.  i spent 7 years between EQ1 and EQ2 on the PVE side of the house... it eventually wore thin... and now I'm coming up on just under a year on Nagafen, and it was great at first, but when I eventually saw the true nature of the PvP here, it turned me off. i don't want to be turned off. i like this game... i really do... ...but I won't play it just to satisfy some antisocial jackarse's need to blanket their real life lack of self-confidence and/or self-esteem with an overinflated PvP title in a game.  i've just lost way, way too many fights to this to make it worth continuing... ...and by "lost" i mean they never happened in the first place. =| thoughts?
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