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vexrm wrote:

I'll post over here then! Can we gift these? Has that been fixed? As of last night I still couldn't gift the newer items.

As by design, keeps the WTS SC for plats spams of the new items down

Bladenkest: Dark Elf Shadowknight/Weaponsmith
Alusyr: High Elf Defiler/Armorer
Valaas: Dark Elf Assassin/Alchemist
Alisza: Arasai Inquisitor/Jeweler
Lieloo: Half Elf Monk/Tailor
Ellifae: Fae Ranger/Woodworker
Meybe: Arasai Warden/Provisioner
Ilbryth: High Elf Illusionist/Sage
Phyraun: Dark Elf Wizard/Carpenter
Kaennja High Elf Necomancer
Synifa Dark Elf BeastLord

UNREST [Eternal Shadows]
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