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  • Underdepths Saga: Luminous Quest - Lamari should now have a quest icon when appropriate.
  • Underdepths Saga: Luminous Quest - The attacking kobolds will no longer turn invisable after quest advances.
  • Underdepths Saga: Luminous Quest - Atalya needs to be taken to Queen Alwenielle, but she no longer needs to be escorted back. This will help smooth the conversation mechanics with Queen Alwenielle.

  • Thalumbra - Tranquil Halls revive point has been moved out of aggro range of undead and bats.
  • Oliver the beta buffer will now assist with “Underfoot Defender” if you failed to finish due to a bug it earlier in beta.
  • You cannot talk to Dror before completing “Assay of Origin”.
  • Chert and amadou for “Fire Striker” are now marked on the map.
  • Brytthel’s dialog as she stands up during “Stranger in Distress” should no longer briefly flash an error message The Overclocked Combine Harvester should no longer stack with other lower level harvesting tools.
  • Level 100 rush order writs now give an appropriate amount of personal status. (Note: status from repeatable quests does not contribute to levelling guilds over 100.) Harvest depots now hold tradeable components for infusers and soul gems Maldura currency no longer has a warning message about the Far Seas Ferrin currency cap Amadou for “Fire Striker” now respawns faster
  • Equipment can no longer be infused while in combat
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