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Questing in SBH is by far the fastest way to "solo grind" the final 3 levels.

The Terrorfang area in SBH is full of vv linked mobs that you can take out with an Absolution/Cataclysm combo.  The Stonebrunt Encampment area in Sundered Frontier has a lot of vv linked scorpions and dinosaurs you can blow through easily as well.  Still... you'll gain much faster xp from the quests.

Once you hit 88 you can start getting in to instance groups and each run is worth about 20% or so to boot, as well as the quest xp you can get on 1st time through.

FWIW, when I hit 88 I set my AA slider to 90% in order to slow things down and gain more AA while I still had vitality.  Solo quested to 89 without even trying, then a few instance groups later and I was 90.  It went really fast, and this was without using any potions.

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