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Calthine wrote:

Dyfast wrote:

But Calthine you looks good in the orange flower dress the one night

Aw, thanks!  Orange I can do.  But pink?  nah.

Well you are a Red Head, and Pink + Red Head = Not Good. That said I bet a certain Fae Templar would take up the challange anyway. SMILEY

Calthine wrote:

Ha.  What they need to do is put deely-bobbers in the swag bags, but instead of glitter balls or whatever, have a strip of clear plastic between the antenna.  We can all write our names on them, and wear them so our names are over our heads as in-game!

Have you ever seen those LED spinner signs, not the flashing ID tag style but the ones you spin yourself, They have them at alot of Theame Parks and Fairs for sale. Something like that would work too.

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