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I know this should be in the TS forum, but there's been nothing said so I'm bringing it here.

The books for the common items crafters make aren't on the merchants, they're dropped from mobs in the wild.  The same is true of the advanced books.

Now I can understand the advanced books being in the wilds.  It was that way from launch until faction merchants were placed in game.

But for the essentials?  The common books?  The ones crafters use for writs to level?  That makes no sense.

There is no sign of a crafter questline.  Will there be one?

There could be given the Wayward.  There's enough for all nine subclasses of crafter to do.  Also famous crafters we could interact with.

Or if there is to be no questline, then please place the common books on the book merchants.

It would be a very bad thing for crafter and adventurer alike if the books were to be in the wilds only.  Those who need the books for guild, self, friends, family, the mobs will be under constant hunting.  This will interfere with questing.

This will also mean horrendous prices on the broker as gougers take advantage of the situation.  I've played since launch.  I remember hunting down mobs to find the books needed for my own crafter army.  I made sure I didn't interfere with anyone questing.  But I have seen far too many times fast attacking toons who "scorched earth" areas and wait to start the cycle again.

Please, place the books on merchants.  Please, make a questline for the advanced books at least.

Thank you.

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