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Default Beta Update Notes: Thursday November 14, 2019

from Kaitheel:

Signature Line
  • Light Amongst Shadows & Shattered Dawn (signature quests) - Taith McJarun now has some useful guidance to give to anyone level 110+ looking to begin their adventures to Luclin, and can even help provide any lost Vigilant Sanctum Keys!
  • Shattered Dawn: Querent of Ruin - Impactite nodes are no longer floating in the air.
  • Shattered Dawn: Behind the Walls of Seru - Gathering honey is now a group update.
  • Shattered Dawn: Execution of Order - All individual Luminary conciliators, animasters, bards, rangers, and bargainers should update the quest now.
  • Shattered Dawn: Extinguish the Corrupted Light - All individual Luminary interceders, arbiters, and Arx Luminaries should update the quest now.

The Blinding
  • Spire Consequence - Meteoric remnant no longer has a quest target icon.
  • Spire Consequence - Furored shadow spren now properly update the quest after being weakened.
  • Dazzle Defenses - Letalis geodes no longer drop planar elemental mastery items.
  • Dazzle Defenses - Letalis geodes are more plentiful now.
  • Recuso History Lesson - Gathering prickly figs is now a group update.

Sanctus Seru
  • Search for Thistle - Zelniak clue should be easier to spot now for those on balanced settings and lower.
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