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rollenzekson wrote:

That was so easy and will be time saving and much cleaner. This is just a quick test, but you can see the left side is much cleaner and I don't get that nasty shadow ridge from beveling. THANK YOU COVIC, YOU ROCK!

Ok that is looking much better.  I am not at work to test it though.  I will check monday.  One thing to look at is the bolts or rivets.  If they are rounded rivets then they should look like round balls on the normal map, right now they kinda look like screw head.  You can get a nice rounded look by making a white circle then adding an inner shadow.  Adjust the shadow till it just touchs the inner part of the circle.  Then convert that map to a normal map. 

The best way is always to do a surface sample from a high res geo to a low res but that is a little harder to explain.   Once we have the new forums I do plan on doing some video tutorials too.  Although most of what I talk about can all ready be found on the net.

By the way you rock for being always willing to make iterations to improve your art.  I know sometimes it can be a pain and you just want to go onto something else, so I thank you for making the changes.


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