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Trensharo, a couple times now you have mentioned your dissatisfaction with the quest helper/map available in game.  If you are using the default map that comes with EQ2, you may find that you like using EQ2 maps.  It has maps to most instances and zones where the default map does not have included maps.  Quest updates and POIs are included as well, and if you find something not included, you can submit your own POIs.  If you go to you should find a link for EQ2 maps. 

Also, and this is a new feature, if you have the quest selected with a checkmark in your quest journal, then it should show an area on the map highlighted where you can find updates. 

Personally, I like to find my updates by searching and what I know about the game/zones, and the information included in the quest text, but often the developers seem to write quest text with the expectation that people are going to cheat, and therefore not enough or flat out wrong information is given by the questgiver.  In these instances, it is useful to have the information readily available on the map. 

For the OP's questions, as far as targetting your pet, if you target his health bars rather than his name, you should be able to target him, or like was mentioned above, just hit f1 twice. 

Some of these replies are making leveling and earning AAs feel/sound like a job.  I think you are putting way too much thought into it.  My best advice for advancing is to play the game, explore, and have fun.  If you feel that you are leveling too quickly or outleveling an area before you are done with it, then put the slider towards AA.  If you feel that it is going too slowly or all your quests are yellow or higher, than put your bar towards XP.  There's no need for it to ever feel like a task, especially if this is your main or first character.

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