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I'd like to add another opinion for getting aa as you level. There are several reasons in my mind for getting your aa along the way as opposed to rushing to 90:

- It's easier when you're little. Mobs at 90 are designed for people with lots of aa, which means that if you hit 90 with 50 or 100, soloing will be slow and difficult for you. Forget velious.

- Quests are best for aa - and most are targeted at lower levels. In your 70s, you have all the Kunark quest lines to do, then Moors, then the SF quest lines. Why not do them as you go? And if you're rushing to 90 and have all exp going to leveling, you'll outlevel these quests quickly.

- I think it's more fun to level feeling powerful along the way, so having a lot of aa at all levels makes things more fun.

If I were in your situation, I'd lock at 71 till I was 71/160, then I would set the slider to 60% towards aa and start doing all the quest lines. You'll be 90/200 before you know it.

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