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When its six on one the game randomly picks one out of the grp of six to engage.  If the guy running solo happens to win, the next random guy the game picks out of the group of six can engage, etc, etc.  

Six on four the game randomly picks four out of the larger group to engage the smaller group of 4.   If the smaller group wins the 4 on 4 and its now a 4 on 2,  with the two guys that had to sit  out on the first round of combat the game randomly picks 2 out of the group of 4 to engage the 2 left alive out of the group of six.

Theres still an advantage for the group of six due to the two that sat out the first round have full power going against the two enabled combatants from the group of 4 that won but lost power and health in the first round.

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