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i send report, dont know since i dont get response in game.

there is some issue with undercon mobs are acting like super heroic, and one of quest cant be done solo due to "very fast spawns, and not getting an item near by them to get "item recover". so frustrating when i see no one was near needing same quest to be updated.

with maxed 92 lvl combat skill would kill those undecons by 3 hits, non-cons by 4-5 hits. i noticed there is too many heroics on the "patrol-mode", way too many and they overlapped other mobs that i was targeting.

by the way, i didnt like skill reset, it very time consuming, so i better get skill mirror to save files on skills on my characters.

i cant wait in few weeks for official launch day so i can make few screenshots, that forest is really well done, i love it.

edited:, by the way is that SC's points at 999,999 is a joke? or just temperory for test? i know beta will be delete when it is done. so that may be nothing to worry?

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