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I quit the game over a year ago and logged in today thinking I might play for a bit as FTP, and if I decided I was enjoying it again then resub.

However, as I cannot equip a single piece of my gear, and actually don't even know what kind of gear I can equip and how to get it at level 92, I just logged out again. The tooltip just told me I couldn't use it, and pushed me towards a sub, but didn't bother teling me what I *could* use.

My suggestion would be to give returning players an armor / weapons crate with decentish gear if their stuff can't be used, so they can at least start adventuring again.

(edit to add: also, all these pop ups urging me to upgrade... a pop up telling me what I can actually do as a FTP player would be more welcome! Or at least direct me to a webpage where I can read about it.)

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