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Ulrichvon wrote:

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Blizzard has more activity at all levels, & the sheer numbers, because they have never denigrated their lower level game for the higher level. That is precisely the point. You're telling us "the ship has sailed," & I'm trying to suggest bringing it back to port.IMO, & with all due respect, your approach is defeatist. It's accepting a "reality" that doesn't have to be, & which can certainly be changed for the betterment of the entire game.

I'm sorry, but I just don't think the resources exist to fix this and continue to deliver content at end-tier at a sufficient level.

It would be better for them to focus on what they have today that is fun and engaging, focus their playerbase (existing, returning or new) into that and direct their focus at a much more narrow field than trying to fix overarching content stretching over 6+ years of continuous development.

You can call it defeatist, but I'll say its just practical and reasonable.

You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to.Again, I say that if SOE is going to "focus on what they have today," then they should officially announce that this is truly no longer a game for the 1-91 crowd, give everyone a 92/320 character, & have done with the farce. Heck, at that point they might as well shut down every zone prior to SF, perhaps even everything earlier than DOV, because -- as you imply -- nobody wants to play that content, & if everyone has a 92/320 character, nobody would have to do that stuff.I think that's essentially the approach they've taken ... which is PRECISELY why they're in this state to begin with. In short, they have tanked their own game from following the advice of well-meaning, well-intentioned, perfectly reasonable people like you. I think the fiasco resulting from following that advice is what we have today. Why they should continue following that advice -- doing the same as they've been doing, while apparently expecting different results -- is entirely beyond me; that's the definition of "insanity."Finally -- FWIW, & this is a red-letter OMG moment -- I actually agree whole-heartedly with Cold Metal's statement: if people don't want the restrictions, then they need to GO GOLD & quit whining. People who want the F2P thing need to suck it up & deal. I can see allowing prior subscribers to have their old gear & characters, but no more than that, & like Avirodar, I think a significant time restriction needs to be applied as well. I'm pretty much opposed to going beyond that, & my statements about giving everyone a 92/320 character should be taken as pure sarcasm.

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