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mylin1 wrote:


Go Gold and have none of those issues.

If you choose microtransactions, you chose those hurdles.

FTP only works for $OE IF they make more money from you in microtransactions than they would from a sub.  People asking for the FTP model to be changed just want it to be actually free.

I have 2 accounts I changed to FTP, bought the unlockers, and it is far cheaper to maintain those 2 spare accounts to box with since i don't swap their gear much.  my main account is still gold and FTP would cost more.

Honestly if $15/mo is stopping you from playing this game, they could make it truly free without microtransactions and you wouldn't stay long.

The key to more subs is still leaving raid mechanics in raid zones, and developing for mere mortals who want to feel heroic.


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