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Unfortunately out of order because of character restrictions and whitespace.



Shadows Tree



*Hidden Adversary – This is redundant and is painfully obvious that the creative mind behind brig/rogue just couldn’t think of any good ideas for us.




This could be a candidate for a whole different skill to be upgraded.  However, lets just say we have to have this skill upgraded, instead of hate reduction increase, make it add 1 hate position reduction per rank at 2 points a rank up to 2 ranks.


*Poison Mastery – Was this ever a good AA? Either add 20% poison damage per rank, or drop this entirely for something else.


*Noxious Toxin – Can you require the person making brigand AAs to actually play one so they would realize how useless this is?  This is the most useless skill of all, hands down.  Improving the duration of food and drink by 2.5% per rank in the 1st line of shadows owns this AA.  Whoever, decided this is what brigs should get as an AA in this tree should retire and never make skills for any game ever again.  Replace this with an AA that gives our character a 20% bonus to all stats and damage every time people like the idiot behind this skill give us a crappy AA.  j/k about the skill real fix is just below:




See my above idea talking about Band of Thugs and replace this crap with that.


*Rugged Shielding - I enjoy the tanking capabilities my brigand can have and as such find all the tanking AA options useful and can see their appeal for other brigands that like the versatility.  I feel that way about all the AAs geared towards tanking except this one.  For being in the final row of the shadows tree, this sucks badly.  The one in the scout shadow line is better.  The one in the rogue shadow line is better.  Either replace this with something all play-styles can benefit from, or make this a much better option for the tanking brigand.  As it stands, when I go to my mirror and bust out the tank spec, not one point goes into this terrible skill.




To make this viable for tanking make it add 20% mitigation increase to Rugged per rank and add a small amount of shield block per rank.


*Dispatch Defense – This is terribly redundant.  We had enough mitigation decrease with the skill without any AA.  Luckily we had a creative person trying really hard to come up with good skills for us… pfft.




Take away the mitigation reduction increase (or not it really doesn’t matter) and replace it with this effect:  The brigands party will benefit from increased potency while dispatch is in effect:  +1% potency per rank for the group and +1.5% potency per rank for the brigand against a monster with dispatch on it.  This effect is only group wide and does not effect the whole raid.


Will to Survive – I always felt this CA should have done 10-20% more damage then it does.

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