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Sentinel’s Fate Tree



Ruthless Riposte – This effect should be on any successful parry, it happens rarely enough, otherwise get rid of this skill and replace it with something good.


Evading Awareness – In my opinion, this is another crappy skill.  Make this increase all poison trigger chances, all trigger chances, or just make it something else entirely.  Only way this should stay is if PVPers find it useful for causing targets to drop.


*Help for the Merciful – This could have been cool back when the reuse was much lower, but now it is not something a brigand would use in most cases.  Replace this with something all play-styles can benefit from


*Detect Weakness – Another offensive debuff, wrong class guys get them straight.  Perhaps add the effect of target takes +3% damage from the brigand’s next hit per rank.



Heroic Tree



I would love to see more points added to this tree because I like almost every AA in it.


Change of Engagement – This CA should hit 15-20% harder. 

Pris de Fer – This CA should have 1 minute less of a reuse and hit 25-35% harder.

To be continued... /sigh

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