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Brigand Tree



This is the most terrible tree we have and I am sure anyone who is a real brigand would agree.  It comes as no surprise that I took a 3 year break from the game shortly after the devs crapped this pile of stink onto our class.  Well while you are doing changes to AAs, this is your chance to make right with brigands, don’t mess it up.  We don’t get anything all that great from our end lines in EOF either.  Tenure is cool, but not great.


Enhance Murderous Rake Add +1% base and critical damage per rank.


Enhance Sneak – Each rank should additionally grant stealth for more monsters that could normally see stealth.


Enhance Puncture – This further increases offensive debuffing and is not in line with our class role.  As such, add +2% to base and critical damage per rank.


*Enhance Defensive Poisons – The benefit from this AA is nominal and part of the crapping on brigands tree that is EOF.




Change to Poisonous Strikes – Add +1 to poison trigger chance per rank.  Alternatively, make it a self buff that adds poison damage to every attack, melee and CAs included.  Kind of like the legendary weapon from Mistmoore Castle, I think it was called The Maestro’s Flame or something like that.  It was a legendary weapon that added like 62 damage to all melee hits (weapon and CA).  Now it would need to do a lot more damage than that obviously.  It should also be effected by potency, crit bonus, ability mod, agi, and able to crit.


*Enhance Desperate Thrust - +50% to hit is worthless, exchange for +3% critical damage per rank.


Enhance Cheap Shot – At rank 5 it should have the added effect of getting a full duration vs. heroic mobs.  Additionally, each rank should give it damage and turn it into a damage/stun attack.  At +289% potency, it should do 869-1258 per rank.


*Enhance Evade – This skill should be swapped out to enhance a different skill.  A true pile of stink this AA is.


*Enhance Barroom Negotiations – Again with hit chance on a CA, it is awesome that I need to list almost every AA in the Brigand tree as a candidate for improvement.  Exchange + hit chance for +1% base and critical damage per rank.


Enhance Shenanigans – Also increase + critical damage by 3% per rank


*Enhance Rob – Another pile of steaming crap in its current state.  This is another candidate for choosing another skill to enhance entirely.  If however we have to take this Ca as one of the AAs… add +3% critical and base damage per rank or remove the stealth requirement at rank 5.


Enhance Mug – Currently, I guess ok for PVP when fighting a brawler but very crappy otherwise, does anyone smell that?  Turn it into a damaging CA with points in the AA.  700-1000 damage per rank at 289% potency.  Also, at rank 5 it should always steal from the target; just because.


*Enhance Vitality Poisons – I actually like this ability, but it has not aged well with the change of game mechanics and needs to be more powerful.  Instead of 5% damage and healing per rank, make it 25% per rank.


Enhance Debilitate – Add 1% base and critical damage per rank.


Enhance Dispatch - Add 1% base and critical damage per rank.


Enhance Cuss – I would like to see the dispelling become more powerful per rank.  Either in level of dispel or preferably in additional types of buffs effected by the dispel.


*Enhance Beg for Mercy – This effect was better when the recast was shorter and the effect different.  Now however, it is pretty terrible.  Change this to give a 15 second reuse reduction per rank.


Enhance Gouge – At rank 5 allow this CA to be used from any position.


Tenure – 12% is such an odd number.  Make it 15% =p


Honor Among Thieves (HAT) – I like this ability a lot; it just needs 1 small tweak.  When a tank’s ward eats the damage of an attack that is intercepted with HAT, no power is healed.  Now that I think about it, it might be if I am warded, but I am not sure what stops the power heal.  Make this come before a ward, or allow us to get power in this scenario.  I love the utility this adds to the class and that I can take part of a hit for the main tank in a pinch.


Safehouse – Can non-pvp servers get the unlimited range back please? =p


*Enhance Battery and Assault – Again with debuffing a mobs offensive capabilities, and as an end line AA?  This is the biggest piece of rotting dung I have ever seen.  This is more the role of a swash not a brig and should never have found its way to our tree.  Mind you I would not wish this as an end line on anyone, not even a swash.




Get rid of Enhance Battery and assault.    Replace with Triple Cross: adds 1.5 seconds to double up duration for registering CAs. - enough said.


More to be continued... whitespace counting against character limit = /fail

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