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Dasein wrote:

The problem you run into is that an undergeared tank will slow your progression much more than an undergeared scout or mage will, so you end up having to spend even more time farming for fighter drops while your priest, scout and mage alts get geared up.

This has to be a joke.  Ive raided nearly 4 nights a week since this xpack came out.  I am a core raider so I am always there to bid on gear.  The paladin that joined us 2 weeks ago had 0 x4 raid items now has the same amount of x4 Gear I have.  Please dont try and roll out some "Undergeared tank" statment.  Go play a priest and have fun spending 15 or 20x the DKP the tanks spend on there gear while fighting with each other over who gets what because the drops are so limited due to all the fighter loot.  Tanks can roll in and gear up in EM in a few weeks.

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