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Ultraheavybeat was dead on for a scout class, I've played both (in groups, not raids) and Dirges are much preferred in most groups because they help the tank and melee dpsers and even have Gravitas and rezzes to help healers out. As far as what you've asked for in a toon, all the arch types have something of what you're looking for. All the tank and healer "until cancelled" buffs benefit almost every class, and mage buffs are pretty good for a lot of classes as well. Yhere are three Healers that are fun to level because they get melee attacks through AAs (all healers are mainly spells for attacks), Fighters can be fun though some stand out more than others, and Mages can be some of the best soloers because of roots/other CC + their massive damage output. I guess what you should really look at is how you enjoy playing the game as well as what you want to bring to a group or raid at end game. If you want to go scout and be melee/behind the mob oriented than Dirge seems to be the best choice for what you have asked but try out each arch type and try out more than one class (note: if you do try out multiple classes in the same arch type they don't start to become really unique until level 30 or so).
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