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So since my first post I've given this another dozen or so pulls and I have two follow up points to my experience thus far.

First, there is a big gap between getting 10 detriment, getting the message and then finally being able to click the tapestry. Honestly I don't know if that would make this doable for me or not, but it is frustrating the situation.

Second, I think the Diving Pelican attack is weighted to hard on some classes over others. 300% decrease to potency I can see as that hits everyone and the affected abilities are still doing something. That's assuming of course you have more than 300% potency. Which I'm assuming you do unless as a melee you've avoided it completely, which I have not, and which also brings me to my next point. The lowering the chance to hit with a weapon by 100% at the same time however is only really affecting some classes and it's not like a majority of people have enough accuracy to counterbalance that by much. That being said if the damage output is toned down then this would probably not be as big of an issue. You're just kind of bringing progress on this fight to a grinding halt with this attack while we are already struggling to survive.

Oh and I should point out I have gotten the tapestry clicked a few times at this point, but I never live more than a few seconds after that. So you know, baby steps Smile
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