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Trash was a bit annoying and social, again huge packs that are berzeker friendly ... getting irritated one day Dev have to play something else than classes with 100% AE and self heal on baby hits.

One dude was using a det from top of ramp, increase elem damage an tick, rushed him with savage protection and auto cure on .. did quite nothing. He managed to cast his thing without LOS and with me even in the court ... probably deadly in heroic if you let 2-3 stacks happen.

Akheva dudes did quite nothing, but an annoying det that slow casting speed a lot (i m getting used to those anti-priest features (natural when all the devs play berzekers) .

First named did nothing, i was worried about his buf, for each % of hp he loose is damage increase, so you better kill him fast at the end, he summoned little daggers adds that did nnot much. So don't be afraid if his buf reach 98, it's not 98 % DR or reflect, it just means that he is at 2% and doing twice more damage.

Second named summoned a cloud, det indicated arcane damage if you in, could not really find any spot out (my graphics are not really good) ... anyway i did not want to leave his room because he may have reset. But damage was not great ... he died without me worrying more.

Moved to another wing, pulled trash behing a gate with open AOE, huge mistake many mob joined and i had to use big things (howling, even cyclone). One of the poison det of the grimling hurts a lot.

While cleaning i got jumped by third named, she used a curse i cure it before examining ... I could not examine Gninja det so i just tanked and spanked.

I then got a message about "securing two switches" .... i cannot find them ;-)
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