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Helmarf, what would you spend 40$ on that you will spend the same amount of time (and possibly enjoyment) on that you would/will on CoE?

this ^

you cant even go to a movie for 2 for 40 bucks.


Uh yes you can, and no I don't go to matinees.

really - where? Taking my daughter to see the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 for getting straight A's -

2 tickets @ 16.00 = 32.00

1 Large popcorn @ 6.00

2 large sodas @ 5.25 = 10.50

total price 48.50

Tickets are $8.00 here, I don't buy the food or drink at the theater, that truly is a rip off, anyways we can go to a new movie for $16.00 total.

moot point, but you don;t go with kids do you? that is what it will cost me to take my daughter to see the movie she wants to see, that is what I will pay, just like 40.00 is what I will pay of rthe expansion. Don;t really care about the toys that are included, still have not claimed any from previous expansions, personally don;t need gimmicks. Paid 40 for the other games expansions and got nothing at all except for the license key with it

Done with this line, ticket prices like gas prices vary greatly depending on the location, the popularity of the movie and the extras that are purchased, have taken the kids to a special that only cost me 5 bucks to get all of us in because of the outside temperature.

40 is the price, if you don;t like it then don;t spend it is what it boils down to.

I don't have kids, never wanted any, we have dogs and they don't like to go to the movies with us so I just go with my wife.

I have the $40 bucks for the regular version and I have the $60 bucks for the CE, I just haven't decided to buy this expansion yet.


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