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Dreamclouds wrote:

In times when entire games can be bought for 59.99 with no monthly fees, the exp are really expensive. You can counter with the movie night expense, or dinner out...

but really what should be compared is the other gaming available in the industry today. Perhaps the most compelling post I have seen was what EQ1 got with their exp packs, so much more than EQ2 is being offered.

It is true that the these prices are consistant with what SOE has charged in the past. But that was really before several other games moved the industry foreward with their "buy the game, play with no monthly " pricing.

I think that lots are thinking that for the price of one expansion, they could buy an entire new game and never have to pay monthlies or exp prices again. So many of our guildies have made this choice already.

I love the commercial for the samsung phone thats out now, where everyone is standing in line waiting for the iphone..listening to snarky and funny reasons that the samsung is a better product, someone even holding a place for their parents in the line... I kinda feel like I am in the Iphone line. And trust me, I really really want to love the product I have...however....

As a long time MMO players,  I can assure you that the FTP and B2P games don't match up well.  the most recent B2P MMO has so little content and limted character options that most of my friends left after 1 month and came back to their REAL MMOs like EQ2.

Who knows what the future may bring but at the moment there aren't any B2P MMOs that have any decent amount of content.

At the end of the day, games / content take thousands of man hours to create.  The people don't work for free so the content must be funded and I prefer that everyone pay's their fair share and buy the expansion versus subsidizing content on the backs of players that purchase items on the Marketplace.

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