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Hene wrote:

Alright, "extremely useful" was an overstatement, I just meant "useful."

Not sure where you got this idea that all DT's bypass wards (which they don't), but also for most AEs this would be useful.  A lot of AEs hit the tank for 100-200k if not blocked, and sometimes 150k of wards is hard to come up with last minute, so adding another 50k buffer could be very valuable for a tank that doesn't have enough stoneskins to get the DIs as well as the AEs, or if the stoneskins are down.

Every DT in game now that matters bypasses wards.  There isn't a single DT in current mechanics that is of any consequence that doesn't.  PoW has plenty to go around, but I have yet to see one in CoE.  AE's can hit for up to 200k but there are plenty of wards to go around to stack them for that.  I never even touch Soul Ward anymore because there just isn't a need, and that one is instant cast when I want it.  This prestige is situational, at best, and is not remotely worth it over the conversions.

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