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Kreton wrote:

Hene wrote:

As a raid tank healer, this sounds extremely useful, considering it should be up for every DT and AE hit.

That's a bit of an overstatement calling it extremely useful.  It's something that would rarely be effective or used up.  Since DT's bypass wards, any wards that were up before are going to be up after (plus deathward which gets cast right as it is hitting).  This is assuming the tank has enough damage reduction to survive the DT so he lives.  But these same fights with those DT's have the 100% melee procs that make having him fully warded irrelevant when he'd die to the next melee hit anyways if he isn't put back in green health.  Even the heal you can get on wraithwall wont do that, and that's assuming it would even trigger on unwardable damage.  AC reset is by far the best way of even dealing with it as you can pretty much get it up for every DT.  In fact it's the heals, not the wards, I worry about on them because it's rarely ever a case where I can't get the tank stacked with wards as it is.  The same goes for AE's.

So I don't see this ever being worth taking for the remote chance it might actually help, when the conversion Prestige's will be far more effective all the time than this is.

Exactly.I am going to hazard a guess, that Hene is not a Defiler, and/or does not play a MT defiler. That, or he has completely different ideas as to what would be "extremely useful" than I do.

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