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Got the fighter sword of about 3rd trash kill in SS the day they went live.  About an hour or so later later a guildie was running DF and scored the bow off the mages.  Thats 2 in a about an hour or 2 hour on Naggy 1 open SS one instanced.

Obin 92 Iksar Necro Opus Dei Nagafen

Vlahkmaak 92 Troll Guardian Nagafen

Dwyrm 92 Dwarf Paladin Nagafen

Shoofaug 92 Iksar bruiser Nagafen

Vlah 92 Troll Inqy Nagafen

Vlahk 50 SK Nagafen

Glavlahnus 92 Woodelf Ranger, betrayed and back again

Cructik 92 TROLL BL Nagafen
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