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I felt bad for poor Brasse the other day, she was wearing the Santa Glug suit and was so tiny compared to most everyone that she was constantly getting stepped on and nobody could see her. If nothing else, I'd recommend Guides get ahold of the super growth potion and scale themselves up 3 times the size or more, so they can see everyone and be seen as well. In a former game I played, whenever the Devs appeared for a function, they scaled up to what was equal to the giant sized mobs in the game and everyone knew exactly where to go (or run AWAY from if they were playing a hostile character at the time) to find the action.

As far as notification goes, maybe have just a general message appear worldwide stating that something is happening in the area of (insert zone name here) and when players arrive at that zone, another more specific message that displays only within that region pops up.

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