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Mystfit wrote:

but consdier this. The guide program is amping up on Freeport. Alot of people who wouldn't usually be running guides quests  (Brasse and Isulith are community peeps, not guide peeps) are stepping up to make sure we got chances at the quests and I think ti's great they are adding to what is likely full days OR holiday time to help out.

Yes that's a good point, and like I said I really didn't want to come across as sounding ungrateful. Without them we wouldn't have this quest *at all.* I definitely do thank them. It's just been a bit frustrating considering how difficult it is to track them down. Lots of folks today on the Freeport server missed out because by the time we tracked the quest giver down and folks made their way over, it was already done.

Isulith wrote:

Hey everyone! We had one of our awesome Community members on around 11:00 AM PST again to give out the gift quest. I will be on later at around 8:30 PM PST. Since I was in Freeport yesterday, I will be in Kelethin this evening. Tomorrow we will also have one of our Community team members on around 11:00 AM PST again. I will then also be on again around 8:30 PM PST in Neriak. We've had a lot of fun hanging out with you so thank you for coming and hanging out with us!

Thank you very much for the heads up! I'll spread the word in game as well!

Karilee wrote:

Arcturys wrote:

I spent 15-20 minutes running around every single city (took 2 different toons obviously) trying to find the quest giver and never did.

Just as an aside, typing /who all guide will show you which zone the event giver is in, or at least it has for me in the handful of events that I've caught in the past week.  No need to run around blindly.

Problem is it's not guides doing this atm. In every way (except one) they appear to be normal players: blue name like all other players, no titles or tags to distinguish them from others. They only stand out because they (today anyway) are using a Santa Glug illusion, which of course I've never heard of being in the game. That's the only way I guessed it. From all other appearances, they look like a normal player. You could walk right by them without realizing it's a guide (and I did a couple times until I figured it out hehe).

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