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I agree that it's very confusing to just have to *run across* guides with lttle or no info, but consdier this. The guide program is amping up on Freeport. Alot of people who wouldn't usually be running guides quests  (Brasse and Isulith are community peeps, not guide peeps) are stepping up to make sure we got chances at the quests and I think ti's great they are adding to what is likely full days OR holiday time to help out. I imagine when the guide program gets established and rolling, it'll be alot less confusing.

I also play on ab and as a rule, guide events are announced on hte forums with a zone (though not always what part of the zone) and times. Sometimes, they say something in level 1-9 chat.

For future references, there are two types of guide quests, one with a clearly marked guide name and a green quest feather. The other is more like a role playing NPC and also usually has a green feather, althugh not always. If you can figure out what zone it's in, jsut look for te large cluster of people standing in a circle around some poor soul SMILEY

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