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Either one would work, however I think the troubador would be better over all.  First and most obvious reason is the fact that there are 2 mages.  Upbeat Tempo would benefit the Necro quite a bit.  Second the Troubador has Alin's Serenade which gives -33 hate mod to all non fighters when mastered.  This will make it easier for the gaurd to hold aggro.   Third Jester's Cap can be cast on all members of the group and will benefit them.  The dirge grants mostly melee buffs which your assassin would love and hate gain for the tank.

I play a troubador as my main and my experience has been you're never lfg for long however I will warn you that often your personal dps is low where as a dirge tends to be higher so if you want to do more damage then the dirge might be better for you.

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