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Not sure if this was addressed in last night's patch, but Hreidar/Torstien aren't dropping the key or the quest update. If I kill H first, he has no body drop, but T isn't to be found. They both run away due to the bad pathing so I'm not sure if Torstien is dying elsewhere (from a damage over time) and leaving his corpse (at the bottom of the zone) with a drop. I'm unable to test this.

If you have time, I can always kill them, with you present, and couldn't you be able to see if one of them leave a proper corpse in the zone?

UPDATE: I was able to lure them to an area where they didn't "run away".. T can't be killed until H is under a certain %. When T dies, the body doesn't even fall to the ground, he just "poofs".. Then when you kill H, his body falls but with nothing on it. I hope this helps
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