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I was thinking about the concept of making "Double Up" into a passive buff rather than an activated ability. It would allow all of the CA's affected by it to strike twice naturally all the time without the need to "record" specific attacks prior to using Double Up. I'm not complaining about the usage of Double Up as it is currently but as a class defining ability, I think it could use a boost.

A conflict I see is that currently single target mitigation debuffs (Dispatch, Debilitate, Murderous Rake and Sinister Strike) already strike twice with the "Low Blow" prestige option. As things are now Double Up applies both strikes on the copied attack resulting in those four CA's being able to strike 4x each - which is good. Keeping it the same would be the best option here with those four abilities hitting 4x each since those are the main CA's used in combination with Double Up since it's creation.

"Battery and Assault" is another multi-hit attack (2 hits) that would need a little revamp as well. Rather than out right making it land 4 hits - I'd say keep the "if 1 of these attacks misses, the remaining hits will also miss" part of the CA intact.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass it along for feedback or discussion / consideration. I'd wager this could replace the current end line ability of the right-side prestige tree (Crit Bonus conversion), "Cunning and Deceit" I believe it's called. Both of those temporary buffs are very out dated, to say the least.

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