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I am really struggling to understand the thinking, or lack of, in this decision. Many players have either paid a hefty amount to cash upgrade to GM, research for roughly 193 days through GM, find the stupidly rare pages to upgrade the level 10 ascensions to get to the 18% potency boost, or with the Ancient +3 fervor, only to have it all made worthless with the new expansion. Let me tell you, +3.6ish fervor is worthless coming from 18% pot +3 fervor.
It would have been far better to add an additional fervor ascension that could be used in conjunction with the existing one. But to outright change the stats after we paid for them is a real bait and switch tactic. I won't bother paying for another research when we have no idea if or when they will be swapped again. This needs to be reconsidered. If high potency is such a worry, then cap it at something reasonable, 75k for example.
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