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I’ve been playing and 2-box for years now and that has certainly had its issues over the years when it comes to the Launcher and such, but this last time around has really seemed to mess things up.  I HATE streaming clients, it is a deal breaker for me due to the latency issues and such and now for the past while since the last Launcher update I cannot seem to get off of the Streaming client.  HELP!  Please.


I stopped using the Launcher a long time ago and always found / find the running EQ2.exe is the easiest way for me to launch and manage my client.  I do use the launch pad for managed updates and downloads, and last time it seemed to force me into a Streaming client that I cannot get off of. 


So, my question; where is the ini or config file or registry setting that is hold the Streaming client flag?  I know there is one out there, there is no way the EQ2.exe would know enough to run in Streaming mode without one.  I’ve seem a bunch of threads on this topic, but never once have I read what the actual fix is to get back to running w/o Streaming.


So, which file do I need to edit or delete to tell EQ2.exe to never run in Streaming mode again?

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