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This is quite the stretch right here... Do you really expect me to believe that an Illy can come anywhere near touch Mogrim on oh.. Commanders?

When I started this thread, I wasn't trying to say that enchanters needed a boost, I'm happy with our role as utility and T2 DPS.. yeah we can spike to high numbers, but when that happens the raid spikes too and we're still in our normal ratio when compared to everyone else on the parse. I just really want to know why enchanters aren't given the same BASE SWD as other mages.. especially if SoE is pushing content that will make us stand at max range to get the most benefit. That was my entire purpose, I'm happy with our new AoE in the prestige lines, and while I'd love to see some changes to the class like having doublecast affect all of our abilities (theorems, pc, psychic trauma, etc), AA's, etc.. I just don't think SoE will bother with it, so starting somewhere easy Smile
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