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Minorious wrote:

This is a Biggie for me, my wife, and many others in the same boat as I am. I don't see what the big deal is with implimenting this. We can reset our name, our tradeskill, our race, our stats, and even our sex... Whats so hard about being able to reset our class?

The biggest question has always been what to do with the toon's AA when you reset the adventure class.  Does my 92 coercer, 92 jeweler with 320 AA's go down to a level 9 wizard with 320 AA?  How much AA do you lose, do you reset all your quests so you can redo them as a different class?  A crafter loses everything down to level 9, and while the AA are nice, those 40 AA you could spend entirely on crafting AAs, have nowhere near the impact on the game  as the 320 AA you have waiting for you to reach every new AA access tier as an adventurer.

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