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The hubby and I just hit level 22 with him having 21 AA and me having 20 AA. We're going to shuffle our slider up to 100% AA for a bit to catch up on AA's ... however, my question is ...

I see a lot of really good specs for "Battle Cleric" ... I'd like to be able to heal and DPS as well. Which tree would one start down first? Cleric or Inquisitor?

Any help is, of course, very much appreciated.

Go Inquisitor tree first and get the things that turn spells into combat Arts.  Your healing capabilities are just fine at lower levels without any AAs, improving your DPS will make things a lot more enjoyable (arts are much faster than spells) and you'll still be able to heal.

Pretty much in a Duo situation I would go for anything that maximizes DPS since the less time enemies are alive the less time you have to be casting relatively expensive/slow healing spells.

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