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I had my level 39 warden in the BG's today. 22k hp and 4k power. raid buffed obviously. My heals, Crit at 1200 per tick for my main group HoT. It ticks 5 times. My main single target HoT hits for 650ish and ticks 6 times. Needless to

say, my heals don't do jack squat. I have all my heals as buffed as i can get them with AA's. I'm only level 39 = 100 AA's is all i can use. I think heals need a bit more, for the level 30-40's. healers in the 80's seem to have no problem at all.. It's bad enough i don't have all the good spells like Group Cure and what not. I have to rely on my AA cure and my single target cure, both have way to long of a reuse timer imo..

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