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Just a quick confirm - Cyliena is right, I've seen no female Gnomes with the problem. Poor guys just wanted to party!

No starting pad for the Butcherblock race, and the Lavastorm pad is lagging pretty badly. Took me ten minutes to get it to port me to begin the race, then wouldn't register me flying through the final hoop to complete the quest (hoop isn't glowing green either). Not seeing a race for Barren Sky or Bonemire. No NPC to start the race at Thurgadin Harbor.

If I may make a suggestion, Nell in Moors (for Legend of the Geargobbler) is lying down in the FD animation. I've seen NPCs lie straight on their back around Qeynos, near the doors to Baubbleshire/Willow Bend, and that may be a little more appropriate since she's fixing her disc from underneath?

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