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Raienya wrote:

So......a year of planning since last Tinkerfest, and we get:

More Aether Races

More buyable stuff and more recipes (yay for more recipes)

But no new quests? So we don't really have anything to do except run around gathering more cogs (and since the Qeynos revamp, most of the cog gathering spots are now gone) and doing Aether Races?

Sorry to be so negative, but I am extremely disappointed with how little actual new content is being released for the live events and quests, particularly where tradeskilling is concerned.

I'm also disappointed that there was not even one new quest. Oh well. However, props for putting flight wings on the merchant.

ChrisMarchant: I noticed the price descrepancy as well--normally they cost 10 tokens each. I think costing 60s is better IMO, but it is unusual.

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