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Royal Court of Qeynos Mail

1. Mail seems to be triggered every time you zone, not just in Qeynos but the palace instance, Antonica, etc.

2. Typo in the mail content, the last line is ", Antonia Bayle". Not sure what should be before the comma there.

The Price of the Crown - Antonia

1. The animation for wailing and banging your fists on the floor seems a bit much, even if Antonia is momentarily losing it. Isn't there a less extreme weeping animation you could use? I just can't see a queen do that, even if upset.

2. No map POI for the scout, on 2nd quest step.

3. Outsider Lidsey has no clothes on, eek!

4. Typo in dialogue with Antonia on returning - "I will have send the guard send his famly"

5. Took a long time for the council members to arrive.

6. After the meeting the council members don't leave before you talk to Antonia again, yet her dialogue implies you should be alone with her again at this point.

7. After the meeting you have to use "H" to hail Antonia to continue, clicking with the mouse doesn't work.

Unexpected Support - Antonia

1. Dialogue with Antonia doesn't make sense - "your proposal is a dangerous one. I am reluctant to accept though".

2. No map POI for Farmer Gerrit.

3. No map POI for Lachlyn.

4. Lachlyn is naked too. Argh!!

5. 3rd sub-step to defeat gnolls near the farm could really use a map ROI.

6. Dialogue says you're checking near the farm perimete and Lachlyn is checking out in the fields. So I went to the farm building first and didn't find anything. The gnolls you kill are actually in the field, which doesn't fit.

7. Dialogue says the gnolls left one tunnel open. But you can click on any of three of them to zone in. I'd expect two of them to be blocked off and only one clickable.

8. The zone is called Blackburrow Tunnels but the mouseover on the ladder to leave calls it Splitpaw Lair.

9. I like this, going into the tunnels after the gnolls!

Tower Defense - Antonia

1. Inside of the tower is cool with the lights out. But yeah, teleporters not working for me either.

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